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Live In Full Flow Immersive

A 5 Week Coaching Programme 
New Dates Coming Soon for 2022
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Discover The Grandest Version Of Yourself

Are you living in alignment with your purpose? Are you clear on what that looks like and know what it takes to make it a reality? Or do you find yourself chasing that dream but not able to embrace the best of life as you go?


Flow is our greatest teacher here, for when we live in flow we step into the grandest version of ourselves and discover our dreams are closer than we think. Flow is the natural current that exists in our lives, pulling us into alignment with ourselves. It's about being deeply connected and living from the heart. We've all experienced life feeling effortless at some point, when everything around us seemed to magically fall into place. But how do we sustain that in the modern day world? 

This immersive is an invitation to live in full flow, to surrender to the creative force within you and connect with your purpose without you needing to force it. Because life is meant to be lived in full power without limitations and that doesn't need to be hard. Flow is about letting go of control and inviting in confidence and trust in yourself. Flow is about having everything you dreamed of without the headache and the heartache. It helps you to embrace your life fully - both the good and the bad moments - and find a deeper meaning to it all. 

The Live In Full Flow immersive is a unique group coaching programme that consists of weekly coaching, tools and techniques to connect with your inner wisdom and help you live authentically. During the weekly live calls you will be connected to a community of like-minded souls, all supporting each other to discover the grandest version of themselves. Taking place across five weekly modules, each will dive deeper into your own unique flow state, uncover the easy way to live your potential and tune into the deeper mystery of life.  

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Understanding Flow

Looking at your current understanding of flow, your past relationship with it and empowering you to change your experience of it in the future. 

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Feeling The Flow

Learning to embrace what’s going on beneath the surface and prevent your feelings from causing chaos in your life. Finding clues to flow in the way we relate to others and harnessing the power of the gut.

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Time To Flow

Understanding how time relates to flow and challenging how we experience it throughout our lives. Balancing our doing and being state, experimenting with our optimum work and rest cycles and reshaping time through flow.

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Believe In Flow

Identifying individual beliefs that are blocking your path to flow, challenging long standing stories you have told yourself, breaking down attachments and what to do when you fall out of of flow.

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Mysteries of Flow

Discovering the keys to manifestation, tuning into synchronicities, dreams, nature & all the magic that is around us. Balancing feminine and masculine in flow & finding consistent flow in the future.

Weekly Breakdown
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“This has definitely been life changing, it has given me a lot more understanding to certain things in life, how to live day by day, how to process and treat things that come at you (as opposed of reacting or going inwards), how to be aware and manifest.“

“The course has been a real eye opener for me and allowed me to explore so many amazing ideas. I was lost as to what to do for a career and by the end of the course I had a new job and started training in something I love!”

“I learnt more than I expected and I know there are techniques and theories that will really help me. Thank you for bringing together such a beautiful group of people and for the path and insights you shared with us all.” 

What Others Say About It
Is It For You?


      Yes if you are ready to:

  • Create the life you’ve always dreamed of 

  • Connect with yourself on a deeper level 

  • Understand what it means to live without restrictions 

  • Navigate difficult situations effortlessly 

  • See the deeper meaning in your life 

  • Live authentically and fearlessly

  • Gain clarity on whats holding you back and know how to let it go 

  • Spot and decipher the hidden messages everywhere around you

  • Tap into synchronicities, dreams and archetypal symbolism

  • Discover your inner wisdom and trust fully in your life

    No it isn't for you if you:

  • Don’t believe you can create anything you set your mind to 

  • Want a one size fits all approach to life 

  • Are unwilling to try new things and experiment

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What's Included
  • Live weekly video masterclasses with group coaching (plus recordings)

  • Weekly meditations, worksheets & breakthrough exercises to take away

  • Connected to a like-minded community

Flow is about staying connected to yourself. It's the ultimate self care, inviting you to embrace your life with full force and trusting in it every moment.


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