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Join my next live virtual event Connect To Flow

Updated: Jun 29

On Monday 1st June there will be a live virtual Connect To Flow event in collaboration with She's Lost Control breaking through mindsets around flow.

How much of your life feels in flow? You know when you’re in flow when life feels easy, carefree and energised and when everything falls into place. Now more than ever it’s easy to fall into fear and feel the need to control things yet that causes us to feel pressured and restricted. 

The world has slowed down yet how much we are able do that individually depends on our mindsets. Stress and busyness is an epidemic that can only be overcome when we start to listen to ourselves and trust in the flow of life. 

In this workshop personal and business coach Melissa Maouris will help connect you back to your intuition, identify the blocks that are stopping you from being in flow and leave you feeling energised with the tools to enjoy every single day.

This session has limited availability so please book early to avoid disappointment and get the pricing slot you choose!


Following the recent COVD-19 outbreak, SLC have introduced a “Pay what you can” scheme as part of their new Community Culture events. This is to support the community and small business. We kindly ask you to commit to what you can. For every booking, we will contribute 10% to Age UK.

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