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The Benefits Of Energywork

Both my parents are doctors so I naturally became a hypochondriac from a young age, always looking for attention through various ailments. Modern medicine felt powerful yet overwhelming at the best of times, and as I got older I had a sense it was missing part of the picture.

Scientific breakthroughs from Einstein and the field of quantum physics have made us aware of a sense of connectedness, and patients are now not able to be treated without looking at the bigger picture. Medicine walks side by side with nutrition, exercise and a sense of mental well being to paint a broader perspective on our day to day lives.

Some of the world’s oldest cultures and wisdom traditions have known of this connectedness for thousands of years, the energetic life force that is they call the source of everything. In ancient India it is called prana, in China Ch’i, in Hawaii mana, Ki in Japan and Orenda in Native America. Directing this life force became the role of hunters, priests and shamans across these cultures. It is only recently that the lay person has been able to train to use these gifts.

It was at Glastonbury festival the first time I tried energy work. A lady held her hands close to my body and the heat I felt from them blew my mind. Afterwards the calmness I felt travelled with me well into the weekend and I was determined to find out more.

Energy work cannot be described through scientific terms yet, but with the new work on holography and string theories, we are getting closer. Where medicine is great for physical ailments, energy work is an emotional clear out and new studies show clutter that accumulates from emotional baggage can actually cause physical damage in the body.

During an energy work session, many people see things, many feel vibrations, while others hear messages. There’s no right or wrong way to experience it, but it’s important to trust whatever comes up.

Modern life often isn’t easy, juggling a myriad of relationships, careers and our own health, it’s normal for at least one area to be out of sync. Energy work is a great facilitator for balance. It can be used in conjunction with exercise, diet, meditation and medical treatments to restore harmony in our lives.

Many people have trouble settling their mind, and energy work is a great way to do this, often enabling a sense of profound peace in the client after a session. It’s a great way to get clarity, or unstuck from a negative situation. It helps to release past issues, and centre us in the present in order to reveal a clearer and more fulfilling future.

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