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Connect To Flow Challenge

This FREE 5 day challenge puts you in charge of your own energy, inviting you to connect to flow and build inspiration into every single day.  Studies on flow state show it releases feel good hormones and slows down our thoughts. But the best thing about flow is that it unlocks your greatest potential and makes it easier to reach your dreams. 

Join the live virtual Connect To Flow event on Monday 1st June with tickets starting at £1 and 10% of bookings given to Age UK mental health charity

Stream a bonus meditation to accelerate your flow state

Day 1: When I focus on what I want rather than
what I should I find my flow
Day 2: When I listen to my gut and connect with
my senses I feel energised 
Day 3: When I am in the present moment I
change the shape of time
Day 4: When I challenge the stories I tell
myself I set myself free 
Day 5: When I pay attention to the signs around
me I know that life is on my side 

London, UK