Raising Parents: Become The Change You Wish To See


Raising Parents is a unique self paced programme that consists of five modules, with tools and techniques to take away to guide you to trust your intuition and find your flow as a parent. In this immersive programme you will learn to overcome your ancestral patterns, discover how to reparent yourself and find a truer more authentic version of you. Our experience of parenthood is often exhausting and full of struggle but it doesn't need to be. For when we dare to invest in ourselves and learn more about how our children operate, we see that they are here to teach us as much as we can teach them. Our children come to awaken us and help us evolve, they shift who we are from within and show us how to become the greatest versions of ourselves. Suitable for parents with children of any age, this is a transformative journey with you at the centre created to help you reshape what it means to be a parent in the modern world. What's included: - Five video masterclasses - Five bespoke meditations - Bonus teachings incl nervous system regulation exercises for adults & children from Elizabeth Brissette (specialist in the vagal nerve) - Connected to the Raising Parents community group - Permanent access to the programme materials *Doors are currently closed to new applicants but sign up here to hear news soon: https://www.melissamaouris.com/raising-parents

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